• Snacks + Appetizers (GF)

    • Chef's Board


      prosciutto/smoked elk sausage/salami soppressata/Burrata/cornichon pickles/olives/homemade Colorado peach marmalade/gluten-free flatbread

    • Edamame


      olive oil/house blend of Asian spices

    • Potato Chip Nachos

      Half- 9 / Full- 15

      homemade ranch potato chips/pork carnitas/bbq sauce/creamy onion horseradish/Swiss/provolone/green onions/pico de gallo
      {Sub *grilled steak ….3}

    • Crispy Sprouts


      sea salt/goat cheese

    • Oysters (GF)

    • Fresh Oysters*

      3.5 ea

      Chef’s selection of fresh oysters/cocktail sauce/mignonette sauce
      {Pairs well with a half bottle of Gloria Ferrer}

    • Baked Oysters*


      half-dozen Goose Point, VA oysters/yuzu-garlic herb butter/shishito peppers/applewood bacon/onions/white cheddar

    • *Bloody Mary Oyster Shooter

      4.5 ea

      homemade black peppercorn-jalapeño infused vodka/cocktail sauce/fresh oyster
      {21+ Only}

    • *Grapefruit Drop Oyster Shooter

      4.5 ea

      Finlandia Grapefruit Vodka/mignonette sauce/fresh oyster/candy grapefruit
      {21+ Only}

    • Flatbread Pizzas (GF)

    • Prosciutto & Asparagus


      fig jam/provolone/grilled asparagus/arugula/shaved prosciutto/asiago

    • Hell Fire


      crushed-tomato sauce/habanero/sun-dried tomato/red pepper flakes/andouille sausage/bell pepper

    • Margherita


      crushed-tomato sauce/provolone/buffalo mozzarella/fresh basil/tomato
      {Add pepperoni...2}

    • Tuscany


      garlic cream/grilled chicken/red bell pepper/artichoke hearts/spinach/asiago

    • Soups + Salads (GF)

      Our Produce is Locally Sourced Add Any Of The Following To Any Salad: *Grilled Atlantic Salmon 6, *Seared Ahi Tuna 6, *Grilled Shrimp 6, *Grilled Steak 5, *Grilled Chicken 4, Portobello Mushroom 4

    • Pork Green Chili


      Cup / Bowl

    • French Onion


      Cup / Bowl

    • Chopped Kale


      curly kale/cabbage/carrots/grapes/peanuts/roasted peanut dressing
      {Pairs well with Grilled Shrimp}

    • Pear Gorgonzola


      grilled pear/gorgonzola/candied walnuts/red onion/spinach/arugula/honey-balsamic dressing
      {Pairs well with *Grilled Atlantic Salmon}

    • The Roadhouse


      strawberry coulis/goat cheese/candied walnuts/apples/strawberries/dried cranberries/mixed greens/cider dressing
      {Pairs well with Grilled Chicken}

    • Chopped Caesar


      chopped romaine/*caesar dressing/parmesan crisps
      {Pairs well with *Grilled Steak}

    • Thai


      avocado/mango/peanuts/cabbage/mixed greens/bell pepper/Mandarin oranges/wasabi vinaigrette
      {Pairs well with *Seared Ahi Tuna}

    • Burgers (GF)

      All burgers are served with a choice of frites, apple-chipotle slaw, lemon-parm kale (no bread crumbs) or homemade ranch potato chips Sub any other side ….1

    • Teller


      *Colorado hormone-free beef/bacon-onion apple jam/applewood bacon/brie/arugula/gluten-free brioche bun

    • Roadhouse


      *Colorado hormone-free beef/Gruyere/caramelized onions/beef short rib/au jus/gluten-free brioche bun

    • Build Your Own Burger (GF)

    • Build-Your-Own-Burger

      Colorado Hormone-Free Beef - 13
      Grilled Chicken Breast - 12
      Grilled Portobello - 12

      Add any combination of the following for 1 / each:
      American/Asiago/Brie/Cheddar/Swiss/Goat Cheese/Provolone/Pepper Jack Gruyere/Bleu Cheese Crumbles/Mozzarella/Portobello Mushrooms/Caramelized Onions/Crispy Onions/Jalapeños/BBQ Sauce

      Add any combination of the following for 1.25 / each:
      Applewood Bacon/Avocado/Pork Green Chili/*Fried Egg

    • Sandwiches (GF)

      All sandwiches are served with a choice of crispy frites, apple-chipotle slaw, lemon-parm kale {no bread crumbs} or homemade ranch potato chips Sub any other side ….1

    • Prime Dip


      shaved to order *1855 prime rib/creamy onion horseradish/au jus/gluten-free brioche bun

    • Hot Pastrami


      shaved pastrami/Swiss/stone-ground mustard/spicy giardiniera/gluten-free brioche bun

    • House Specialties (GF)

    • Short Rib Enchiladas


      braised beef short rib/pepper jack/corn tortillas/jalapeño-white cheddar cream sauce/honey-chipotle molasses/crispy brussels sprouts

    • Tstreet Pasta


      blackened shrimp/andouille sausage/red bell pepper/crushed red pepper/roasted garlic/sun-dried tomato cream sauce/asiago/spinach/gluten-free pasta

    • Lemon Chicken


      grilled all-natural chicken breast/lemon-butter cream sauce/artichoke hearts/jalapeño-cream cheese mashed potatoes/lemon-parm kale

    • Roadhouse Ribeye


      16oz *1855 ribeye/jalapeño-cream cheese mashed potatoes/asparagus

    • Iowa-Cut Pork Chop


      48-hour brined 16oz pork chop/honey-peach bbq molasses/jalapeño-cream cheese mashed potatoes/broccolini

    • Steak Frites


      12oz *1855 New York Strip/tri-colored peppercorn cream sauce/honey-chipotle molasses/homemade crispy frites

    • Colorado Striped Bass


      pan-fried locally sourced bass/coconut-citrus broth/roasted kale/asparagus/jalapeño-cream cheese mashed potatoes

    • Pan-Seared Salmon


      *Atlantic salmon/jalapeño-cream cheese mashed potatoes/rosemary-tomato marmalade/broccolini

    • Mahi-Mahi Fish Tacos


      three corn tortillas/blackened mahi-mahi/mango-papaya salsa/apple-fennel slaw/homemade ranch potato chips

    • Sides

    • Sides


      ~Crispy Frites
      ~Homemade Ranch Potato Chips
      ~Apple-Chipotle Slaw
      ~Crispy Brussels Sprouts
      ~Lemon-Parm Kale {no bread crumbs}
      ~Sweet Potato Fries
      ~Fresh Fruit
      ~Jalapeño-Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes

*We use a separate fryer that is ONLY used for Gluten-Free items
*All items ordered from this menu will be prepared in a sauté pan and cut on a clean cutting board.
*We will do our best to go above and beyond to accommodate all dietary needs.
*Please inform your server of any allergies or intolerances you may have so that we are fully aware and can take special care of your needs.